[FF14] 20 beautiful paintings at the time of login, the art of the road screen was collected.


When you log in to FF14, Depending on the area you logged out last time, Breathtaking, very beautiful paintings for a while Now Loading... it is projected with the display. I collected 20 such wonderful art. Click on the photo to enlarge it.     Realm Reborn Area A picture on the road in La Noscea La Noscea       A picture in the road of Black Shroud Black Shroud       A picture on the road of Thanalan Thanalan         A picture on the road of Coerthas Coerthas         A picture ...

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I tried to verify whether FF14 can be played on MacBook Air 2020.


I tried to verify whether FF14 can be played in the 2020 model of MacBook Air. Because I actually purchased the MacBook Air 2020 model early on sale, I tried to install FF14 there. In conclusion, You can't play FF14 on macbook Air2020. I'm really sorry. Let's take a closer look at what I've verified. Ff14 can be installed on Macbook Air2020 With the information that I had asked on the net in advance "The MacBook Air 2020 is on-board graphics card and can't be installed." Because I saw the information of the nuance such as I thought that it ...

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