I tried to verify whether FF14 can be played on MacBook Air 2020.

I tried to verify whether FF14 can be played in the 2020 model of MacBook Air.

Because I actually purchased the MacBook Air 2020 model early on sale,

I tried to install FF14 there.

In conclusion,

You can't play FF14 on macbook Air2020.

I'm really sorry.

Let's take a closer look at what I've verified.

Ff14 can be installed on Macbook Air2020

With the information that I had asked on the net in advance

"The MacBook Air 2020 is on-board graphics card and can't be installed."

Because I saw the information of the nuance such as
I thought that it would be kicked at the time of installation, but I was able to install it.

The image below shows ff14 installed on macbook Air2020.

Macbook Air2020 FF14 installation screen

The installation time took about two hours.

All the while, the internal fan of the Macbook Air was making a sound that was o-o,
I was worried that smoke would not come out from the main body.

The exhaust heat seems to be firm, but the main body was getting a little hot.

The game does not start

Click the FF14 game icon from my desktop to launch the FF14 launcher.

And when I enter the user ID and password, it is authenticated,
The "Play" button appears.

FF14 Launcher

Now it's time to start playing!

No, unfortunately,

With the Macbook Air2020, ff14 is the only place you can enjoy.

When you press "Play", the screen is pitch black.

FF14 does not start

Despite expectations, even after five minutes, even after 10 minutes remains on this screen

FF14 SHADOW BRINGERS, that solemn title screen does not come.

Instead of

The sound of the macbook Air's visceral fan just rings in the room.

When this happens, I have no choice but to give up and end the screen,

It's in a state that seems to have frozen,
The close button on the black screen window no longer works.

I'm already in the mood for a bee on the crying side.

We had no choice but to terminate FF14 with a termination.

Ff14 killed

It is a reference information,

To kill a frozen application on your Mac, click

The <a0>T:System

COMMAND + option + esc key

press the three keys at the same time.

Then, the screen "Kill application" is displayed.
Select FINAL FANTASY XIV ONLINE, then click Kill.

FF14 killed

If you're going to play FF14 on your Mac, buy a model of the recommended environment.

In conclusion, ff14 can not be played on Macbook Air2020.

(Strictly speaking, you can only taste the launcher screen.))

If it is not the recommended environment, the installer will not work.
Of the Squeni's regulations such as,

In the first place, the Macbook Air2020 is powerless for ff14 demands.

I thought that it would be an interpretation.

Without FF14,
The Macbook Air2020 has a great deal of performance and Cospa.

However, if you are considering buying a Mac and are also thinking about playing FF14,
We recommend that you purchase a model with the recommended specifications obediently.

If it's a notebook, it's Macbook Pro.

(The price is pro class, but ^^; )

Or rather Windows?
It is also fun to worry about the selection of the model.

I hope i can help you with something.

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